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Activities / Excursions

Sailing / Excursion

Daily Excursion With Aeolia Speed Boat

Harbouring in Schinoussa we sail off everyday for a different destination of the neighborhood of the Small Cyclades…Schinoussa, Iraklia, Koufonisia & Keros are included in the weekly schedule. Aeolia is also available for private cruises upon request, and operates as a sea taxi to the ports of nearby islands.

Sailing / Excursion

Daily Excursion With Ivilato Sailing Boat

Daily 8-hours sailing trips around Koufonisia islands
Pre-order your ticket at our office “Koufonissia Tours”

Sailing / Excursion

Koala VI Sailing Boat

Available for daily excursions or excursions with accomodation

An Italian wooden/steel (pure material, no plastics) 15-meter sloop designed as a one-off, fast racing cruiser by two major architects/yachtsmen to become a top-notch racing yacht!

Ribs – Fast Boats/ Rental

Rent Ribs – Fast Boats

Experience Adventure at sea on one of our high speed inflatables
Feel Adrenaline Rush.
Visit the rock islands around Koufonisia and Keros.
Swim in their Crystal Clear Waters.
Our Experienced Skippers will guide you safely to the beauties of intensity and virgin nature from morning till dusk.


Trekking Trips

Koufonissi boasts a lot of foot trails for Trekking Enthusiasts.
There are shorter and longer trails, Scenic, Pleasant with Stunning Views.