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Activities / Excursions

An excellent opportunity for relaxation

At Koufonisia Tours we know that holidays are an excellent opportunity for relaxation either with your family and friends or for solitary moments of rest. If you are looking for even a small dose of adrenaline and want to make your holidays in Koufonisia or the Small Cyclades even more interesting, at Koufonisia Tours we plan to make your wishes come true!

PLEASE NOTE: All our tours are primarily weather dependent. For this reason we ask you to visit our office on the day of your arrival on the island, we will check the weather and together we will decide on the day of your excursion. Our aim is the ultimate success of your excursion and for you to have a great time safely and hassle-free.

The most interesting activities and excursions

Below you will find our suggestions with the most interesting activities and excursions organized by our office in collaboration with local experts, both for short weekend getaways and longer stays for your holidays and for any other reason you visit the beautiful Koufonisia or the Small Cyclades.

Sailing / Excursion

Sailing boat Koala VI

The boat can accommodate up to 11 people. The excursion with the sailing boat “KOALA VI” takes place every day from 9:30 in the morning until sunset.

Speedboat / Excursion

Daily excursion by AIOLIA fast boat

The boat can accommodate up to 35 people for a day trip to Kato Koufonisi – Schinoussa – Iraklia.

Inflatable – Fast boats / Rental

Rent A Rib In Koufonissia

3 Inflatable boats (Rib boats) for your daily excursion.

EMERALD I (NUOVA JOLLY KING 600 + YAMAHA 150 HP) 6,00 meters.
EMERALD II (OCEANIC IMIA 620 + SUZUKI 140 HP) 6,50 meters.
EMERALD III (NORTHSTAR 700 + ENVIRUDE 225 HP) 7.00 meters.

Luxury Speedboat / Hire

Luxury speedboat rental

Experience adventure at sea with our luxury ten-metre speedboat.
Feel the adrenaline rush.
Visit the rocky islets around Koufonisia and Keros, as well as the other islands of the small eastern Cyclades.
Swim in the crystal clear waters of their secluded beaches, enjoy your wine.
Our experienced captain will guide you safely through the beauties of the Cycladic nature from morning till dusk.

Fishing Excursions

Fishing Excursions

EVERY DAY from 16:00 to 20:00

Day Trip / Every Sunday

Day trip to Amorgos with Naxos Star

Every Sunday, Naxos Star whisks you from Koufonissia to Amorgos, promising a delightful day trip full of Greek charm.

Canoe / Excursion

Canoe excursion to Kato Koufonisia

Explore the serene waters with a unique canoe excursion to Kato Koufonisia, an unforgettable experience of natural splendor

Sailing / Excursion

Day trip with sailing boat

Sailing trips around Koufonisia


Trails for hiking

Koufonissi has many paths for hiking enthusiasts.
There are smaller and longer paths, picturesque, pleasant with stunning views.