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4 Houses Xarakopou


Each home is about 60 sqm and consists of a kitchen, a sitting area and a living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and a warehouse. Every house has a water tank with pressure washer below its balcony, a fireplace and pergolas in the bedroom and sitting area veranda. There is also a cesspit for every 2 houses.

There are bult double beds, built bedside tables & wardrobe on bedrooms, built sofas and kitchen in the living room as well as built counters and a shower in the baths. It is all built with forged cement according to the traditional Cycladic architecture.

The Floors will be built with tiles.

The perimeter wall will be built from stone as well as the small walls that separate the outside of each house.

Every house has cables for TV, Internet, Phone, Air Conditioning units, lights, kitchen, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and pressure washers

All hygiene appliances with their parts are available as well as the solar water heaters for hot water, independent for each house. Power meter is independent for every house as well as the water meter for the water supply.

Every house has its own outside space and parking covered by a pergola.

There are 2 main entrances, one for every 2 houses.

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