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Shinoussa situated north east of Ieraklia, has it’s own special beauty.

Welcome To Schinoussa

Shinoussa situated north east of Ieraklia, has it’s own special beauty.
Its few inhabitants are concentrated in the two island settlements of Panagia and Messaria. The harbor of Shinoussa, (Mersini), is famous for being one of the safest harbors for small boats in the whole Aegean and is situated 1200 meters from Hora.
Shinoussa has about fifteen small beaches, each one more beautiful than the other. Apart from the fresh fish on sale in the tavernas, visitors should try some of the other local specialties such as roast lamb with rice, small pies made with the local “mizithra” cheese, “diples” (a folded pastry with honey), “kopanisti” and “sour mizithra” (both local cheeses).
On the 15th August when the festival for the church of Panagia takes place the celebrations sometimes go on for several days with food, wine and local island music.

The archaeological findings both on the land and at the bottom of the sea around the island such as statues ,marble columns, ceramics, byzantine temples prove that cultural and other human activities flourished on the island during the ancient years.
There are very few written documents and the existing ones are administrative reports and ecclesiastical Acts mainly found in the archives of Naxos island and of the “Hozoviotissa” Monastery of Amorgos island.
The study of folk stories, local legends and toponomy have helped the researchers to write down the history of the island through the centuries.

Recent excavations on the island brought into light the excistance of settlements back to Hellenistic and Proto-Christian years and the years after.
The existence of an “Acropolis” is acclaimed as a place for the transmission of messages from island to island according to archeologists’ research.
During the Byzantine years there were great trading activities and transaction. This is due to ceramic findings and the ruins of byzantine temples.


The island had been invaded by pirates who had probably settled down on the island at different times.That’s why the habitants left the island very often.There are still places that have taken the names after the pirates such as “Liolios beach”, “Bazaios beach” and “Maniati’s Cave”.
In the middle of 19th century families coming from Amorgos island settled down on the island again.
The life for the local people has been improved immensely and all the above together with the improvement of transport and rubbish disposal have contributed to the touristic development of the island.

More About Schinoussa

One of the most important things which made a lot of people come and settle down on the island again was the foundation of higher and upper-higher educational institution.

The visitors can enjoy the traditional way of life within a modern environment. No need to say that the beaches and the crystal clear waters are of unrival beauty.
The main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture, farming, fishing, building and tourist business.

We should mention that there are many talented local musicians and famous singers and our Union has a dancing group.

The main celebrations are religious ones and are devoted to Mary Virgin on the 25th of March and on the 15th of August.
During these dates there are great festivities on the island.